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    Be a reliable supplier of high quality, competitively priced, functional mushroom extract products and ingredients that are easy for people to consume and businesses to buy.


    Easy to Use
    Oral sprays are quick and easy to use and require no measuring or preparation. They can be sprayed directly into the mouth, very convenient for people on-the-go.
    Fast Absorption
    Oral sprays are designed to be absorbed quickly through the mouth’s mucous membranes, bypassing the digestive system. This means that they could provide faster and more effective results.
    Consistent Dosage
    Our oral sprays dispense a consistent dosage with each spray, ensuring that you get the same amount of supplement or mushroom extract every time.
    Oral sprays are very portable and can easily be carried in a purse or pocket.
    Airless bottles ensure long-term storage, which is up to 2 years. Opened bottles last as long as closed bottles without losing micronutrients.


    Accurate Dosage
    Dropper bottles make it easier to measure and administer the right amount of mushroom extract.
    Dropper bottles are easy to carry around and use on-the-go, making them convenient for people who lead busy lifestyles.
    Preservation of Quality
    Mushroom extracts can lose their potency over time, but our Miron glass dropper bottles are designed to prevent oxidation and other forms of degradation.
    Easy to Use
    Dropper bottles are simple to use and require no special equipment or preparation. You simply fill the dropper with the desired amount of extract and place it under your tongue or mix it with a drink.


    Extract powders can be added to a variety of different foods and beverages, making them a versatile option for people who want to incorporate supplements into their diet.
    Longer Shelf Life
    Extract powders have a longer shelf life compared to sprays or dropper bottles.
    Best Value
    Extract powders are more cost-effective compared to sprays or dropper bottles, especially if you buy in bulk. They are more economical for long-term use.
    More Concentrated
    Extract powders can be more concentrated compared to sprays or dropper bottles, which means that you can get a higher dose of active ingredients with a smaller serving size.


    Many people have used various botanical tinctures in their lives. They understand instinctively that you add drops under the tongue or in a glass of water.
    Longer Shelf Life
    Tinctures have the longest shelf life compared to other products.
    Good Value
    Tinctures are more cost-effective than sprays and are economical for long-term use.
    Highly Concentrated
    You get a high dose of active ingredients with a smaller serving size and the bottle size is small too which makes it convenient to carry.

    Preservation of Quality

    Mushroom extracts can lose their potency over time, but our Miron glass dropper bottles are designed to prevent oxidation and other forms of degradation.

    Wild grown organic Reishi
    Organic reishi growing on tilia tuan-linden logs
    Organic reishi cultivation
    Organic Lion's Mane cultivation
    Lion's Mane growing on organic substrate
    Lion's Mane growing

    Based on Tradition. Supported by Science.


    Let’s start

    Tell us about your business and how functional mushrooms fit in. If you have specific requirements or goals, please let us know.

    If you need orientation to help choose the best organic mushroom extract opportunities then we can help – we know what sells.

    We serve highly experienced bulk organic buyers but also business buyers who are quite new to the whole functional mushroom scene 🙂


    Working process

    After we understand your business goals we will propose some options for you to consider. Your situation is unique and so each enquiry has a customised solution.

    Please note all orders are paid pro‑forma at the time of order and we fulfil orders on a first come, first paid basis.

    We almost never offer credit terms (except occasionally to “old clients”).
    This way we can maintain our low prices.


    What is the result?

    You will have a range of organic mushroom extracts and functional food supplement products which will give you:

    A healthy profit margin.

    Peace of mind, knowing they are of the highest quality and carefully chosen to support your business goals.

    Please note demand for premium mushroom extracts is rising quite fast.

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