Trust Musheez Benefits:

We can help you develop a profitable revenue stream for organic functional mushroom extracts.

But people do business with people, and you might be wondering why do business with MUSHEEZ and not someone else?

You can read more about us as a company here but check these 10 good reasons why you should buy (or resell) MUSHEEZ products:

  1. HONESTY: We don’t make false claims or promise our products will cure everything. We investigate scientific functional mushroom research and share the facts.
  2. SPECIALISTS: It’s all we do. We don’t sell herbal powders, vitamins, nootropics (whatever they are) or other stuff. Just mushroom extracts – products that we use ourselves personally.
  3. BELIEF: We believe that high quality, potent organic mushroom extracts can make a valuable contribution to our wellbeing and can support, but not replace, a healthy balanced diet. We create and sell (MUSHEEZ) products that we, ourselves, believe in.
  4. QUALITY. We lab test all our products and taste every batch ourselves. We know exactly where our mushrooms come from and it took two years of careful sourcing and checking to find reputable suppliers who share our values.
  5. NICE PEOPLE: We treat our suppliers fairly. Our clients too of course. Quality matters most, but so does being a responsible and kind business. Come and visit us in Estonia and see if we really are nice people. This is not marketing hype 🙂
  6. ORGANIC: All of the mushrooms used to make our products are organically grown. We have the certificates to prove it. We strongly believe this makes a difference, especially with mushrooms that can absorb toxins easily if not grown under the right, clean conditions. Our mushrooms have grown on real organic substrates, in the wild or on logs, not in a lab or a mega warehouse.
  7. TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE: We love mushroom folklore. It’s entertaining but also worrying when facebook groups have “experts” telling people inaccurate information about mushroom extracts – how they should be made, what they are good for etc. The whole point of mushroom extracts at Musheez is to study the science and do our best to ensure the bioactive components are present and potent in our products. We process our mushrooms with high tech equipment, not with mumbo jumbo folkloric methods.
  8. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Musheez products are good, very good actually, but they will get even better as we continue to invest in improving our extraction methods. Test test test.
  9. KEEP IT REAL: Some MUSHEEZ products, for example the ones made with reishi, can taste bitter. It’s normal. It’s actually a good thing – triterpenes taste bitter and they are good for you. Potent mushroom extracts don’t, and shouldn’t, taste sweet or fruity. If you are looking for yummy tasting mushroom extracts there are plenty on the market with sweeteners, other flavourings or mixed with coffee, chocolate or whatever.
  10. PURITY: We use no flavour enhancers, dyes or preservatives etc. What we offer is strength (highly concentrated extracts) and purity. No fillers, no additives, no mycelium, only fruiting bodies.

If these are not enough reasons for you to trust us and buy MUSHEEZ products then give us a call or email us and we will share some more information or maybe even send you free samples 😉