MUSHEEZ is part of Natural Chaga OU (chaga was our first love, but we have grown to love other functional mushrooms too like reishi and lion’s mane) was founded in 2019 by me, Robin.

That’s me in the pic with a big piece of chaga on my head!


Be a reliable supplier of high quality, competitively priced, functional mushroom extract products and ingredients that are easy for people to consume and businesses to buy.

We live and work in a beautiful, clean forest in Estonia, at the heart of a really tiny village called Pillapalu (12 km from the nearest shop). Come and say hello if you are in the area 🙂

We are a small, but fast growing, family business supplying high-quality, certified organic, easy-to-consume, and competitively priced functional mushroom supplements to businesses all over Europe.

For now our focus is on three of the most popular functional mushrooms.

Chaga – “King of the mushrooms

Reishi – “The divine mushroom

Lion’s mane – “The smart mushroom

But we may add a few others in the future…

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Robin Gurney with a large Conk of Chaga
Me and Chaga!
Wild Reishi Growing
Wild grown organic Reishi
Lion's Mane under cultivation
Lion’s Mane under cultivation