How do I create my own functional mushroom supplement label?

Step 1: Read this FAQ in full 🙂

Please note, we cannot start your private label set-up process (or review any sample artwork) until you have placed an order for at least the minimum order quantity for the product(s) that interest you, but you can contact us at any time about general questions if you don’t find the answers here.

Once you have placed and paid for an order we will send you a confirmation email to collect the information we need to proceed.

Step 2: Contact us to say which products you would like as private label or plain label. We will then invoice you and await payment.

Step 3: After you have made your purchase and after we process your order, we will email you, normally within 48 business hours with the next steps.

Step 4: If you choose a private label then we will wait for your artwork. 

Step 5: Private label orders are shipped in 1-4 weeks from artwork approval.

(White label or MUSHEEZ branded orders are usually dispatched from stock.)

That’s it – quick and easy 🙂

Can I use my own artwork for the label? 

Yes, no problem. Just scroll down to the label design guidelines and dimensions section on this page.

How much is the set-up fee for having my own label on products?


Can I get a sample with my label before placing an order?

Producing proofs of your label is a time-consuming process and so we cannot do this for free before you purchase. If you really want to receive a product with your printed label before you order then you will need to pay a non-refundable sample fee of 150+vat euros per item. E.g. If you order 3 different products and we send you a printed sample of each the cost will be 450 euros+vat. The price includes shipping in Europe.

What information will I need to put on my labels?

  1. Your company logo.
  2. Your company name and address for the label contact details.
  3. Your website url if you have a website.
  4. Your contact telephone number or email address (one at least is mandatory to appear on the label for legal reasons).
  5. Your unique product name or names (mandatory – if you are selling under private label you cannot keep our product names or use names that are substantially similar).
  6. You will also need to add the product information e.g. ingredients, usage instructions, warning etc. Don’t worry – we will help you but ultimately you are responsible for your label content.

What should I call my products?

Your product names need to be different to ours; other than that (and subject to any restrictions set out in this FAQ, legal restrictions etc) you can call them whatever you like. It is up to you to come up with your own names that help your products to stand out from your competitors.

Please also note: when choosing your product names, it is important to remember that, as these are food supplements (not medicines), you need to be very careful to avoid making what could be construed as medicinal claims under European labelling regulations.

Do not use references to health conditions in your product names (or descriptions, if supplying your own artwork), e.g. cancer, immune support etc. other words to avoid on your labels would be anything associated with “curing”, “relieving”, “boosting”, “aiding” etc any medical condition.

Any product information or research about functional mushrooms that we make available to you is for trade customers and for information purposes only. Do not use this information ‘as is’ on your labels or advertising materials.

It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure legal compliance and if you require further help, you will need to contact your local food regulations authority for guidance. We do not offer legal advice on label compliance.

Can I make changes to my labels?

Yes, you can supply revisions anytime. Once you say the artwork is final, then we print. We never print the labels until you give the green light.

Can I use my own or your barcodes?

You cannot use our barcodes on your private label products.

If you require your own personalised barcodes because, for example, you wish to sell in a store or wish to use Amazon FBA (Amazon’s fulfilment service), you must supply us with your own artwork for the entire label for each product you wish to sell, featuring your own barcodes. 


You can create your own barcodes and have barcode stickers printed yourself, so that you can apply them to the labels / bottles/ packages when you receive them from us. You can then apply your barcode stickers to the products themselves (if space allows) or elsewhere on the product – e.g. on the lid, base or on the back.

Do you attach the labels to the products for us?

For oral sprays yes it is automatic and required.

For other products we can apply the stickers or you can do it yourself.

Many clients who buy our mushroom extract tinctures or liquid/powder extracts choose to receive unlabelled products and print their own labels or ask us to send the labels separately. These options allow you to apply them yourself in the position you wish.

I am planning to sell on Amazon, ebay, etsy and similar platforms. How can you help?

If you wish to sell on a third party platform we cannot advise you. We do not sell MUSHEEZ on these platforms so we do not compete with our clients. As we have no experience you will need to investigate this yourself.

Can I have my labels in a different language?

Yes, you can supply your label artwork in any language. The content of your label, as usual, is your responsibility.

Are there any design limitations?

There are some limitations and you will have to comply with certain EU legal requirements (or other legal requirements if you are outside the EU but we are not familiar with the law outside EU). 

  • You label artwork needs to be supplied as a pdf (see below)
  • All text featured on the artwork must be a minimum of 1.2mm in height (or Arial 5) – this is a legal requirement.
  • The individual files must be named obviously e.g. companyname-chaga-oralspray.pdf , for easy identification.
  • You can submit artwork by email to or by sharing in Google drive or DropBox.
  • Please note we do not proof or approve the artwork that you provide. You will need to ensure that all the information (including quantities, measurements, spelling, product names, ingredients, usage etc)  are correct, compliant and accurate.
  • Reminder: It is your responsibility to ensure that your labels are legally compliant in terms of your chosen product names, product descriptions and in all other respects. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the artwork you supply is the quality (resolution) you require. 
  • The artwork you supply will be printed “as is”.  We do not and cannot edit or add to artwork supplied. We are not designers, we make mushroom extracts 🙂

Important Notes

  • Our products are food supplements: it is a European legal requirement to specify on the label if a product is a “food supplement”. If you are supplying your own artwork, this will therefore need to be included on the labels of the relevant products in text that is easy to read.
  • Our products are certified organic so we can use the organic logo but maybe you cannot. You will need to check with your local authorities to determine if you are allowed to use the organic logo on your private branded product. Do not include the organic logo or call the product “organic” unless you have permission. The penalties can be serious. The ingredients CAN be called organic. Contact us for more information if needed but the main thing is to contact your local organic authority if you want to offer a certified organic product.
  • Ingredient changes: if we change ingredients or a formula which affects label information then we will advise you at the time of order or reorder and you will need to update your artwork before printing the next batch of labels.
  • Print quality: Many clients use our label service and are satisfied with our print quality. Our labels are digitally printed and laminated by our partner, Printwell in Estonia. We do not print pantone colours. To see if the print quality of our labels is suitable for your needs, you can contact us to arrange a sample pack. If you require the higher quality glossy labels, pantone colours, or metallics or other special features then we recommend you get the labels printed yourself and we will supply you with our products unlabelled.

If I supply you with my own artwork, do I have to pay a private label set up fee?

No. Set up is free.

How do I place private label orders?

You can email us your order and we will contact you and guide you through the process. In the future it will also be easy to order online.

Label design guidelines, templates and dimensions

Once you have placed your order we will send the information you need to create your own label. This includes pdf files which you can use as label templates. Here are our private label design requirements.

  • Oral sprays (Spray bottle and outer box)
  • Powders (bag)
  • Liquid extracts and tinctures (dropper bottle)

NOTE: Oral spray labels have no size flexibility. They must be provided exactly the right size. For powders, tinctures and liquid extracts we provide minimum and maximum sizes for label width and height.

For powders you may want labels both front and back. There is a small additional charge for labels on both sides

Other private setup & packaging questions:

Are your bottle labels full wrap-around (do the label ends touch when the spray or liquid bottles are labelled)?

Yes for the oral sprays because these labels are applied by machine.

No for the liquid extracts and tinctures. There is a 2cm gap. These labels are applied manually. You could however choose to print your own labels and bottles get the labelled automatically yourselves by a professional labeller in which case you may be able to achieve full wrap around.

Can I have different sizes, colours or types of bottles or bags for my products? Can I supply my own packaging?

Yes. Contact us to discuss your needs, we always try to be flexible but changes in packaging will likely incur additional costs and longer delivery times.

How long does it take to get delivery of my private labelled products?

This depends on our workload, the size of your order, and how quickly you provide the final label design. All private label projects are scheduled into a queue after payment has been received. Typically extract liquids, tinctures and extract powders can be sent out in 1-2 weeks. Oral sprays usually take 4 weeks. We will give an estimate at the time of order.

If you require very fast deliveries it is better to order white label products and print and add labels yourself. White label products can usually be sent within 3 working days after payment is received.

Can you provide professional product images displaying my label design?

Sorry no. We are not photographers, we just make excellent mushroom extracts 🙂

We can introduce you to our product photographer if you wish. Their rates are very reasonable.


We reserve the right to change private label prices / services at any time.